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Stevens and Associates has been providing superior service to all types of immigration applicants from around world since 1989. We have helped thousands of immigrants move to their new homes and seen them thrive in their new environments. This has provided us with tremendous satisfaction in knowing that those clients, and now friends and neighbours, have crossed over to a new homeland that will provide for themselves and their families for many generations to come. To help even more people enjoy that experience, the company has now decided to extend its service to include study abroad programs at colleges, universities, and ESL programs in many different countries. We represent a wide range of schools in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. If you are ready to start the adventure of a life time, please find a school in the country of your choice and we will do our best to ensure your safe arrival in time to start the new school year.


In this day and age having a high school education is the first step in the great adventure that is higher learning. The better the high school education, the better your chances of acceptance into a top post secondary institution. Please let us help you find the best school possible for you and start the journey with us. Please complete our online contact form and we will help you get started.


Fluent English language is the key to success in any English speaking country and is the language of international business for this generation. We represent a network of schools whose singular goal is to help people learn English. Many of the colleges and universities we represent also have ESL programs that act as a catalyst designed to prepare students for the next phase of their education journey. Select from the schools we represent and we will work with you through the admissions process and then can help you get the visa you need for any of the countries we represent. Please complete our online contact form and we will help you get started.


Colleges provide focussed training in virtually every discipline and Stevens and Associates represents a wide range of colleges in several countries. Find the program that means the most to you and we will find you a school that will give you the training you need to succeed. Please complete our online contact form and we will help you get started.


A university education continues to be the most sought after form of training. It is seen as proof of technical and professional prowess that can open the door to unlimited professional opportunities. Our schools are international in nature, so you will have the added bonus of meeting many like minded professionals who may well become valued colleagues in future. So, join the team and pick the school and the location that will open so many doors for you. We will then work with you to get admitted and the visa you need. Please complete our online contact form and we will help you get started.

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