Student Services

Stevens and Associates is an official agent for several universities and colleges in Canada. These schools offer a wide variety of degree, associate degree, diplomas, certificates and ESL courses. These schools are publicly funded or government licensed and have government accreditation allowing their graduates to transfer all of their courses to any other publicly funded colleges or universities in Canada on a competitive basis.

This ability reflects the high standard of training afforded by these institutions. These schools also have structured programs allowing students with limited English skills to start by taking ESL training or a blend of ESL and academic courses to give students a chance to elevate their English to the full academic standards of the school they wish to attend.


Stevens and Associates will take the time to find the best learning environment for its clients. We will review the background and interests of the student and do our best to ensure that students are satisfied with the program they are following. We will help the student to make the application to the school and upon acceptance we can make the application for the study permit from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate nearest the student’s home.

Upon Arrival

Stevens and Associates works with highly reputable placement services specializing in providing home stays for foreign students. We can make all arrangements beforehand and meet the student at the airport for transport to their new home, followed by an orientation of the areas in which they will be living and learning.

Earning While Learning

Some students feel the need to work to earn extra money and to develop experience in the work place. Upon arrival in Canada visa students are allowed to work at jobs for up to 20 hours per week without a work permit. We encourage all students to remain focussed on their studies and not to let work experience get in the way of doing well in their programs. Many employers and all post graduate programs consider grade point average.

Some programs also offer co-op work/study programs which can give students a better opportunity to work directly in their field after they finish their programs of study.

After Graduation

Over the last several years Canada has developed some of the most accommodating post graduate opportunities to work and immigrate to this country. All students graduating from the programs in the schools we represent can apply for a work permit after completion of a full time post secondary program of a minimum of eight months duration. Graduates of those programs can apply for an eight month open work permit. For programs between eight months and less than two years duration, students can apply for open work permits for a period equal to their program of study. For graduates of programs greater than two years duration, students can apply for open work permits for a maximum of three years.

This allows students to find employers anywhere in Canada who may be interested in sponsoring them for immigration through the Provincial Nominee Programs, or the Federal Immigration programs.

Students who graduate and work in Canada for at least one year in a full time professional, technical or managerial position may be able to apply without a sponsor through the Canadian Experience Class of the Federal Immigration department.

Stevens and Associates has staff available to provide career counselling and job search methods to help our clients find the best fit for their long term goals, whether they choose to remain in Canada, or take their training and experience back to their homeland.

For more details, please contact our office or complete an online enquiry form.