Provincial Nominee Worker Program

Several provincial nominee programs include semi-skilled workers, such as service workers, cleaners, and long haul truckers.


Applicants must meet:

  • the requirements of the trade

  • must have worked a minimum of nine months in the position in Canada, before they can be sponsored by their employers through one of the nominee programs

  • minimal English or French language requirements

  • Otherwise, their applications are processed in the same way as with the skilled worker nominees.


    BC PNP is a points-based system, you will receive a score based on the information you provide. Your registration score will determine whether you will receive an invitation to apply under the BC PNP Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams.

    If you achieve or exceed 95 points, you are guaranteed to receive an invitation to apply.

    Contact our office to assess your score.

    General Requirements

    your employer has offered, and you have accepted, permanent, full-time employment in tourism and hospitality, long-haul trucking or food processing occupation.
    See the complete occupation list here.

    You must have been and continue to be employed full-time by your B.C. employer in an eligible occupation for at least 9 consecutive months
    o Work experience that is part of a program of study (such as co-op) or obtained using an Off-Campus Work Permit does not qualify

    you must demonstrate English or French language proficiency at Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level 4. Test result is only valid for 2 years.

    you must not have an ownership stake of more than 10 % in your employer’s business

    Employer Requirements

    Your employer must have operated in B.C. for at least 2 years

    Your employer must have permanent, full time employees
    o If your employer is located within Metro Vancouver, he/she must have at least 5 indeterminate, fulltime employees (or full-time equivalents) in B.C.
    o If your employer is located outside of Metro Vancouver, he/she must have at least 3 indeterminate, full-time employees (or full-time equivalents) in B.C.

    For more details, please contact our office or complete an online enquiry form.