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Our U.S. representatives are lawyers with many years of experience in U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law. The law firm has been operating for more than thirty years and handles all of our applications and appeals.

Through their offices we are able to offer service to qualified persons who want to apply for temporary visas or status such as business persons, students, and skilled workers, and permanent visas for business people, skilled workers and sponsored family members. They also provide assistance for non-immigrant visa waivers as well as to qualified applicants who wish to apply for citizenship. In addition they also assist individuals in expatriation matters.

They currently have offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Temporary Visas


Foreign travelers coming to the United States to conduct temporary business, such as business meetings and consultations, attending conventions and conferences, or negotiating contracts, need visitor visas or status unless they qualify for entry under the Visa Waiver Program.


The United States supports international education and welcomes foreign students and exchange visitors. Students and exchange visitors must be accepted by their schools or program sponsors before applying for visas.


To work in the United States temporarily as a lawful nonimmigrant, temporary workers must qualify for the available visa category based on the planned employment purpose. The steps in the process before applying for a visa vary. Review the employment groupings and categories below.

Permanent Visas


Employment based immigrant visas are divided into five preference categories:

  • • Employment First Preference (E1): Priority Workers
  • • Employment Second Preference (E2): Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees and Persons of Exceptional Ability
  • • Employment Third Preference (E3): Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Unskilled Workers (Other Workers)
  • • Employment Fourth Preference (E4): Certain Special Immigrants
  • • Employment Fifth Preference (E5): Immigrant Investors

Certain spouses and children may accompany or follow-to-join employment-based immigrants.


Family based immigrant visa categories, including immediate relatives and family preference categories, are provided under the provisions of United States immigration law, specifically the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

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