Our Affiliates

Our Australian Representative is a registered Migration Agent. She has a broad range of industry experience and
can assist in all areas of migration including skilled migrants, business migrants, family applicants and employer
sponsored migrants.

Skilled Immigration

The Skilled-Independent visa (subclass 189) is a permanent residence visa for points-tested skilled workers who want to work and live in Australia. To be able to apply for this visa you need to submit an expression of interest and then be invited through SkillSelect to apply. You can be in or outside Australia when you apply and when the visa is granted.

Business Immigration

There are three options for businesspersons under this stream:

  • • Business Innovation stream: for people with business skills who want to establish, develop and manage a new or existing business in Australia.
  • • Investor stream: for people who want to make a designated investment of at least AUD$1.5million in an Australian state or territory and maintain business and investment activity in Australia.
  • • Significant Investor stream: for people who are willing to invest at least A$5million into complying investments in Australia and want to maintain business and investment activity in Australia.

Family Applications

There are four options for family applicants under this stream. Note that the Minister has the power to 'cap' or limit the number of visas which can be granted each year in a particular visa subclass.

  • • Partner category visas:
    •   o Partner (subclasses 309/100 and 820/801) visas cannot be capped.
    •   o Prospective Marriage (fiancé) (subclass 300) visas may be subject to capping.
  • • Child category visas: Child (subclasses 101 and 802) visas, Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa, Orphan Relative (subclasses 117 and 837) visa and Adoption (subclass 102) visas cannot be capped.
  • • Other Family category visas: Aged Dependent Relative (subclasses 114 and 838) visas, Remaining Relative (subclasses 115 and 835) visas and Carer (subclasses 116 and 836) visas are subject to capping.
  • • Parent category visas: All Parent (subclasses 103, 143, 173, 804, 864 and 884) visas are subject to capping.

Employer Sponsored Immigration

Employer sponsorship may be applied by any lawfully operating Australian businesses, or overseas businesses establishing an Australian entity or to fulfill a contractual obligation, to sponsor temporary overseas employees.

Business Start-up (Self-sponsorship Program)

If you are in an industry whereby you require your own company (Restaurant, Trades and Services for example), we incorporate a company structure whereby the owners can self-sponsor under a 457 Visa or Permanent Residence Visa – pending on the applicant’s eligibility.

The program aims to stimulate the Australian Economy therefore under this program we ensure the company hires Australian Resources. This program provide clients having control over their life, for instance, the harder you work the more you are rewarded, and you are not subjected to an employer dismissing you or your visa being cancel before receiving a Permanent Residence Visa (which is commonly experience under a 457 arrangement).

Other Professional Services

Our affiliate in Australia provides accurate and quality services while also demonstrating model, ethical behaviour and leadership in the following areas:

  • • Auditable Training Plans/ Programs (with course delivery) Customised to Industry, Client and Legislative Requirements for Employers sponsoring Migrant Employees
  • • Detailed Professional Business Plans Customised to Industry and Client Requirements
  • • Recruitment Services for Labour Market Testing (All Working Visas subject to LMT including Remote and Regional Migration Scheme Visa’s)
  • • Employee Mentoring Services followed by Employee Recruitment Services (including Remote and Regional Australia)
  • • Detailed Employment Contracts
  • • Employability Skilling Services (Inc. Training, Recognition for Prior Learning Assessments – RPL)
  • • Australian Education and Student Advisory Services
  • • Business Development and Investment Services
  • • Accounting Services including Bookkeeping Services
  • • Business Start-up Services – Incorporated Legal Australian Companies
  • • Business Management and Maintenance in Australia

For more details, please contact our office or complete an online enquiry form.