Provincial Nominee Worker Program

Most nominee programs offer students graduating from public post secondary colleges and universities the opportunity to apply for nomination. They may also acquire open work permits for up to 3 years after 2 years of full time study in a publicly funded post secondary institution.


  • Receive an offer of full time indeterminate employment in a National Occupational Classification 0, A, or B category position, from a local employer,

  • In a position related to their area of study.

After Approval

Once the student is nominated by the province or territory, they may immediately apply for permanent residence status through Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and those applicants are normally approved in about two years.


BC PNP is a points-based system, you will receive a score based on the information you provide. Your registration score will determine whether you will receive an invitation to apply under the BC PNP Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams.

If you achieve or exceed 105 points, you are guaranteed to receive an invitation to apply, at this time.

Contact our office to assess your score.

General Requirements

A degree, diploma or certificate from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada
o Your program must have been at least 8 months (two semesters) of full-time equivalent study.

You must submit your application to the BC PNP within 2 years of the date shown on your official transcript indicating that you have completed all requirements of the degree or diploma program.

your employer has offered, and you have accepted, a permanent, full-time employment in in any of those occupations listed under the Federal government's National Occupational Classification in:
o Skill Type 0 (managerial occupations)
o Skill Level A (professional occupations)
o Skill Level B (technical occupations or skilled trades)

o You may apply with a Skill Level C or D position if your employer can demonstrate that there is a structured plan in place for your career progression to an occupation classified as Skill Level 0, A or B

if your employment is within Metro Vancouver, the wage you have been offered must be above the B.C. median wage of $22.00 per hour.
o BC-PNP will not consider bonuses, commissions or similar forms of payment to be part of your wage

No years of experience are required for the international graduate category.

You must demonstrate English or French language proficiency at Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level 4. Test result is only valid for 2 years.

You must not have an ownership stake of more than 10 % in your employer’s business

Employer Requirements

Your employer must have operated in B.C. for at least 1 year

Your employer must have permanent, full time employees
o If your employer is located within Metro Vancouver, he/she must have at least 5 indeterminate, full-time employees (or full-time equivalents) in B.C.
o If your employer is located outside of Metro Vancouver, he/she must have at least 3 indeterminate, full-time employees (or full-time equivalents) in B.C.

For more details, please contact our office or complete an online enquiry form.