Federal Immigration Programs

Under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program, Canada invites non-immigrants who have worked in Canada legally for one year in the last three years, to apply for immigration. Applicants are assessed on their education, work experience, age and language ability in English and/or French.


Applicants must have worked in Canada in an occupation listed under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) in:

  • Skill Type 0 (managerial)

  • or Skill Level A (professional occupations)

  • or Skill Level B (technical occupations or skilled trades).

With the introduction of the Express Entry program on January 1, 2015, all applicants in the CEC and other skilled worker categories may need a confirmed job offer from a Canadian employer before they will earn enough points to qualify under these categories.

To be confirmed, the employer must be qualified and the position must go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to confirm that there are no Canadians available for the position. Applicants who are in Canada may be eligible for a bridging open work permit, to allow them to continue working in Canada while their application is being processed, in certain circumstances.

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