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Don Stevens grew up in Central Canada where he finished high school and went on to complete a Bachelors degree in Economics at the University of Winnipeg, and a Masters of Public Administration at the University of Manitoba. He then went on to complete a Bachelors of Laws at the University of Windsor. While he was completing his Masters degree at the University of Manitoba, he was teaching assistant to the Dean of Administrative studies. He then studied French at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick and Laval University in Quebec and became fluent. He maintains his French to this day. Mr. Stevens became very involved with the law school legal aid clinic first as a counsellor, then as a director. Because the law school is on the border with the United States and Mr. Stevens had a background in immigration, he had a very significant immigration caseload while studying full time as there were very few lawyers practising immigration law in Windsor at that time.

His experience in government includes several terms as a counsellor and manager at the largest student employment center in Canada, for Canada Employment. In his final term with Canada Employment he we was promoted to the position of Assistant Regional Coordinator of Summer Youth Employment Programs in Manitoba. He then moved to British Columbia where he was employed as an immigration officer in Vancouver and Victoria. His last position in government was as executive assistant to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance in Victoria. When he was working at the Ministry of Finance, the province of British Columbia was undertaking some of the largest capital programs in its history, for the completion of the World Exposition in Vancouver, large scale highway projects to open up Central British Columbia, and a highly sophisticated skytrain system in Vancouver.

Mr. Stevens then completed his law degree and in 1989 started his immigration consulting firm in Vancouver. He is a licensed immigration consultant (RCIC – R419735) and a Human Resource Professional (CPHR). Since opening his business he has travelled to more than 50 countries on 5 continents in an effort to assist skilled workers, family members and business people to immigrate to Canada and many others to work, study and visit. In that time Stevens and Associates has helped countless families and individuals to immigrate to Canada. Mr. Stevens understands the needs of families, business people and professionals who are interested in exploring new opportunities in different countries. The head office is located in Vancouver, BC Canada and the company has agency offices in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, and Bangladesh.

Stevens and Associates is prepared to assist any suitably qualified persons to reach Canada. We also assist applicants who wish to apply for all types of visas to Australia and New Zealand through our affiliates. Through our new Citizenship by Investment program we can help people apply for citizenship in several countries. They include the United States, Antigua & Barbuda, and Malta.

We welcome all inquiries about our services through any of our offices or agents.

Sunny started her entrepreneurial journey when she was just 21 years old after completing her accounting and business degree. Through innovation and determination she achieved remarkable success in the furniture industry and eventually managed more than 280 retail stores throughout China. She has expanded her reach by working in finance and real estate in China and Canada. She has great business insight and resolves to see every project through to completion. She is very skilled in marketing and strategic planning. Sunny never stops pursuing ways to improve her performancein her management career by constant learning. She acquired her Executive coaching certificate in 2011 and finished her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management (MHRM) in Canada in 2017. Sunny is in charge of all marketing and finance work for Stevens and Associates in China.

Alex started his career in one of the top education companies in China as a project consultant for two years. Later he became a program manager in the business consulting and training industry until he took the lead of a fast-growing educational company in 2013. He has a master’s degree in finance from Beijing, China and a Master’s degrees in Business Management (MBA) from Canada. He has excellent analytical and planning skills and is in charge of program planning and management for Stevens and Associates education programs.


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